Everything you should know about Solairen… (well almost).

Two Decades of experience

Solairen originally started as "TeraScape" in Shanghai China, in my many years of living over there. At that time, we were one of the first "foreign owned" hosting companies in the city. We worked with famous brands like Echo Unlimited, Tribeplay, WD-40 and Austin Morris. We also developed a niche in the Food & Beverage industry, building for places in Shanghai like The Shed, Goga, Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen, among others, many of which are still with us on our TeraScape platform.

More recently, relocation to the US (namely, Warren Pennsylvania), we decided we needed a name that wasn't so associated with China & Shanghai, as we want to be able to use the "Made in America" phrase truthfully. One day, at the local American Legion, I scoured my domain registrar, trying out different names in the hopes of getting the .com since we couldn't score terascape (dot) com (the owner wanted something like $25,000 for it) and I came up with Solairen.

Asking a couple people also at the Legion their opinion of the name, one told me it sounded like some drug sold on television. Good enough for me! Solairen was born!

Since then, I've worked with people not only at the Legion, but all around Warren, mostly fixing & devirusing computers for a rather cheap rate. I've set up a few free sites for local organizations like the Fourth of July Committee, the American Legion, the Marine Corps League, among others, and have now set up the time and energy to once again professionally build & host websites.

A bit of history

  • 2002 TeraScape was Born

    For years in China, I'd worked with Aston Educational Group, a really great group of people with schools all over China. I was also freelance-building sites in Shanghai for them, and a few bars here & there.
  • 2006 Server acquision

    We got our first servers through a company in Hong Kong. As of today, we still work with them under the TeraScape banner as their hardware & customer service is top notch.
  • 2007 - 2012 TeraScape Grows

    We worked with multiple companies & restaurants based all around the world, as you (hopefully) read above.
  • 2015 Solairen was Born

    Wanting a more "American" feel to our company, we decided to branch off from TeraScape & start running under the Solairen banner for here in the United States. "Made in America" is important to me, and up until then, we could only say "Made by an American".
  • 2018 Solairen moves to the Hills

    ... of Warren Pennsylvania. We're now locally run & have had more than a dozen clients already for various IT & networking work.
  • 2020 - Today Back in Business despite the Pandemic

    Our Hong Kong servers have had a major upgrade, and can better serve our Asian clients. As for the US, we've acquired some space on Google Cloud Platform so now we can proudly say "Hosted in America" as well.
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Future Plans...

“More Warren County expansion”

More Numbers...


Clients Worldwide

around 1000

Flights taken

No, really...8

Movies & commercials I've been in


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We have plans within plans! First of all, getting our name out properly. I have no office. Because of that, I can keep my costs low. Though in the future, I hope to have one, if only to set up LAN gaming. We'll continue working with the local clients we have, but hope to score a few more. If this sounds like you, contact us!

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